51st Annual
Moscow Renaissance Fair
May 4th & 5th 2024
A beloved community celebration of spring

Calling all artists!

The 2023 Moscow Renaissance Fair poster contest is closed.

If you're interested in submitting a poster, please keep in mind that we are not your typical Renaissance Fair. We are looking for whimsical, colorful, and easy to read interpretations of our annual Celebration of Spring in East City Park.

Check out past winning posters:

Poster Gallery

For your reference, check out the last entry form.

2024 Entry Form

Rules & Guidelines included in the entry form.

  1. 1. Artists are encouraged to supply a printed entry, either freehand or computer-generated.

    • Deadline for submission is Friday, March 1st.

    • • Drop off submission at Tye Dye Everything 527 S. Main. .

    • • Make your digital file or freehand print 11" x 17". This will be the actual size of the poster.

    • • Computer-generated entries must be accompanied by a thumbdrive containing either a high resolution PDF or EPS file created using a CMYK color scale.

  2. 2. Electronic entries will be allowed. Deadline for electronic submission is Sunday, Feb. 25th. Submit to mrf_pr@moscowrenfair.org. Electronic submissions will be charged $10.00 so we can print a larger format of the poster entry. Please pay at paypal@moscowrenfair.org.

  3. 3. The creator of the winning poster must be present for a photo shoot at the unveiling ceremony in the beginning of April(exact date TBA) at Mikey's Gyros 527 S. Main.

  4. 4. Artwork must reflect the Moscow Renaissance Fair theme of "A Celebration of Spring." - we're not a time period Renaissance Fair. For questions about the theme, email mrf_pr@moscowrenfair.org.

  5. 5. The current annual and date must be included i.e "51st Annual Moscow Renaissance Fair", "May 4th & May 5th 2024". "East City Park" must also appear prominently on the artwork.

  6. 6. The following text must be included and be legible: "Featuring children’s events, great food, a parade, costume contests, and the finest craftspeople and musicians" and “Free Admission”.

  7. 7. The following words must appear in smaller but legible lettering along any edge: "www.moscowrenfair.org".

  8. 8. The application and your thumbdrive, if applicable, must be attached to the back of your artwork.

  9. 9. This contest is held in good faith and every attempt is made at keeping it a fair contest. If an entry is promoted before the contest via social media, mass emailing, or any other public manner, Moscow Renaissance Fair reserves the right to disqualify the entry.

  10. 10. The winning poster is a secret until the unveiling event. If revealed in any way prior to unveiling, Moscow Renaissance Fair reserves the right to disqualify the entry.

  11. 11. Artists are responsible for claiming their artwork after the contest.

  12. 12. Artists of non-winning entries are encouraged to re-submit their work next year.