46th Annual
Moscow Renaissance Fair
May 4th & 5th, 2019
A beloved community celebration of spring

Moscow Renaissance Fair

Food Vendor Guidelines

Application due April 1st
  • Only non-profit community organizations may serve food at the Moscow Renaissance Fair, and the application must be made by the sponsoring organization. Funds raised from food and beverage sales at the Fair must be used for community betterment.

  • Non-profit organizations may contract with a commercial business to supply all or part of their food, but with the understanding that the name of the commercial business may not appear on the booth, in the program, or in any other publicity. However, each booth may display a poster thanking various individuals, organizations, or businesses provided the poster is no larger than 12" x 18" with letters no larger than 1". The poster may not include logos or trademarks.

  • Every food booth should display a large sign identifying the sponsoring organization. Other signs listing menus and prices are recommended and organizations are invited to bring literature describing their goals and activities.

  • Each organization must send a representative to the meeting for food booths to be held approximately three weeks before the Fair, to discuss booth placement, recycling, permissible products, sales taxes, health department guidelines, and other issues.

  • The Moscow Renaissance Fair has a special character. In keeping with that character, only those foods and beverages which are well-prepared, tasty, and interesting will be allowed. This specifically discourages highly-refined foods. We encourage creative foods and beverages such as juices, herbal teas, and lemonade.

    Beverages may not be sold in bottles or cans.

    Food and beverages being considered for sale at the Fair may be juried in advance.

    Groups who have operated food booths at past Moscow Renaissance Fairs who plan to serve the same items at this year's Fair are not required to have those items juried.

    Any new items will require a sample to be juried. Outside alcohol is not allowed in the park.

  • All food must be prepared, stored and served in accordance with Idaho Department of Health and Welfare Food Safety and Sanitation Standards for Food Establishments (IDAPA 16) (adminrules.idaho.gov) – which will be provided to organizations after vendor selections have been made.

  • The Moscow Renaissance Fair requires a commitment to recycling and environmentally-sound practices.

    Organizations must participate in the recycling effort at their booth and assist the Fair recycling crew; each food booth must have a designated recycling volunteer who is required to assist the Fair's recycling crew for 2 hours over the course of the Fair (signup will be at the organizational meeting a few weeks before the Fair).

    Each food booth is required to use recyclable/compostable materials approved by and purchased from the Fair board.

    Moscow Renaissance Fair minimizes waste and acquires the most environmentally benign food service wares we can find.
    We sell plates, bowls, sauce cups, glasses, forks, spoons, knives, stir sticks, napkins, straws, and wax paper wraps as noted in the application form. All these items used at the Fair must be purchased through the Moscow Renaissance Fair Recycling Coordinator.

    If you would like an item that is not listed, please e-mail the coordinator (through our contact page). Vendors who bring their own dishware to the Fair will be fined $100 or asked to leave and not be considered for future fairs.

    Garbage cans are not allowed within the public's reach. All food booth garbage must be sorted by compostable and recycling. Those who dump their booth's waste as unsorted garbage will be fined $100 and will not be allowed to return the following year.

    Plastic wrap is not allowed to be given to Fair patrons; please plan accordingly. We encourage each organization to inform patrons about the recycling program at the Fair.

  • Food may be sold from booths or by wandering vendors carrying trays or pulling wagons. Wandering vendor fees are $75.
    Vendor booth pricing is based on booth size.

    Booth fees are $135 for a booth with 10 foot public frontage, $270 for 20 foot frontage, and $405 for 30 foot frontage, plus a refundable cleanup deposit of $50.

    Please write separate checks for the booth fee and the cleanup deposit. Cleanup deposit checks will be destroyed after the fair concludes unless there has been an issue.

  • Food booth setup time in the park begins Friday afternoon after 4:00 p.m.

    Booth locations will be assigned at the food booth meeting before the Fair.

    Booths using barbeques or potentially smoky cooking processes will be provided spaces along the perimeter of the park.

    There will be designated loading zones on the street. No cars or trucks will be allowed on the grass at any time! No wheeled booths or trailers will be allowed.

    You may use hand trucks to bring supplies into the park.

  • The vendor alone is completely responsible for the booth structure and its contents.

    The food booth part of the Fair runs from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. each day, whatever the weather, so be prepared for sun, wind, rain and even snow.

    The booth may be left in the park on Friday and Saturday nights; on Sunday please cease selling operations between 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. and remove your booth before dark.

  • Electricity is not available in the park. Generators may not be used.

    Those using portable stoves and barbecue fires must keep fires and smoke under control.

  • In keeping with the spirit of the Fair, vendors are encouraged to dress in costumes and to decorate their booths. Anything spring-like, whimsical, or colorful is appropriate.

  • Please bring your own supply of change.

  • Please leave all pets at home.

  • Vendors must abide by these guidelines and cooperate fully with Fair officials.

Please print the Food Vendor Application and mail:
  • the completed and signed application form
  • one check for your vendor fee
  • one check for the $50 refundable cleanup deposit (booths only)
with checks made payable to Moscow Renaissance Fair to arrive by April 1st to:

Moscow Renaissance Fair
Food Booth Coordinator
P.O. Box 8848
Moscow, Idaho 83843